Leftover Thanksgiving Tags


I’m very excited that Thanksgiving is just a couple of weeks away, and while normally I’m not a huge leftover fan, the Thanksgiving leftovers are an exception. My favorite sides from the whole meal are most definitely the stuffing and rolls. I am usually the first one to the fridge to start eating those two the next day, but luckily with these Leftover Thanksgiving tags I won’t have to worry about anyone in my family eating my favorite sides! I’m sharing these Thanksgiving Printables over at Eighteen25.

Printable Thanksgiving Leftover Tag

If you have a big family over for Thanksgiving, these labels and containers will be helpful at sorting out all the leftovers at the end of the night. You can use any type of brown kraft box or even an ice cream container to put your leftovers in and tape on these Thanksgiving Tags with Washi tape, or print them on Avery Sticker labels before the big meal. To make it easier for families taking home multiple containers, grab a basic kraft bag and place the Leftover Printable on the outside of the bag and label which family it belongs to. Grab your printables now to make the end of the night a little bit easier!

Fall Centerpiece & Thanksgiving Tag Printable

Thanksgiving Centerpiece 12

With fall in the air, I was inspired to create a fall centerpiece using simple decor after coming across the online flower delivery company, BloomNation. Because I had taken a couple of floral arranging classes back in college I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try my hand at floral arranging again. I was never good at it, and I’m still no where close to a professional, but it was obviously one of the classes I enjoyed going to most. It was fun, and on few occasions a little stressful trying to come up with something that looked good. I was always so impressed with what my classmates’ arrangements, and how different ours were from each other when given a specific assignment. You can create so many different arrangements, and the best part about flowers is, it will (for the most part) always end up looking beautiful.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece 4

Thanksgiving Centerpiece  Thanksgiving Centerpiece 7

One of my favorite flowers are hydrangeas, so when I saw it in the shop I immediately knew I had to use it. I always thought of it as a spring/summer flower, and quickly turned to Pinterest to see if I could use hydrangeas in a fall arrangement. And to my surprise, I found a bunch of beautiful fall ideas using hydrangeas.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece 11

Thanksgiving centerpiece 9

I knew I wanted to make my centerpiece pretty neutral in color, but wanted to add a few fall colors to the arrangement without making it look overly colorful. Aside from hydrangeas, I used daisies, mums, carnations, lilies, and added some wheat to give it a little bit more of a fall/Thanksgiving appeal. I added some of the wheat to the napkins, and used a striped burlap ribbon to wrap around the napkins and mason jars. This was such a simple and easy table to put together, and not to mention, great for a small budget!

Thanksgiving Centerpiece 6

I’m also sharing these fun Thanksgiving tags that you can incorporate on your table by wrapping it around your napkins and holding it in place with string or raffia, add them to a treat bag, or on a take home box for your guests on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece 10 Thanksgiving Centerpiece 8Download here

If you’re not feeling confident in your flower arranging ability, or don’t have the time to make one yourself, try using a flower delivery to save you time and choose from a variety of options to give your table that fall look you’re going for!

P.S. See where I got my inspiration for this centerpiece on my Pinterest board.


Thanksgiving Kids Hats – Free Printables

Thanksgiving Printable Hats pic

I’m so excited that Thanksgiving is almost here! These hats are easy to print out and put together to wear for the Turkey Trot or feel like Pilgrims, Indians or even a Turkey as they eat their Thanksgiving feast. I’ve created two versions of each, one to print out and assemble together quickly, or let the kids color them before dinner. These Thanksgiving kids hats work best on cardstock or a heavy form of paper, and can be assembled with glue or tape. Your kids will love pretending they were actually at the first Thanksgiving with these fun hats!

Pilgrim Hat pic Pilgrim Hat Color – download here

Pilgrim Hat B&W – download here

Turkey Hat picTurkey Hat Color – download here

Turkey Hat B&W – download here

indian hat picIndian Hat Color – download here

Indian Hat B&W – download here

Thanksgiving Gift Tag Printables


Make your gifts look festive this Holiday season with these Thanksgiving Gift Tags and let your loved ones know how grateful you are for them with these printables. These pair up perfectly with any gift you’re sending, and will be loved by all that receive them! Also, if you wanted a smaller version of the Thanksgiving Bread Gift Tags in my last post, I’ve included them here as well.  IMG_2871 copy“Thankful” Gift Tag – download here

IMG_2849“Happy Turkey Day” Gift Tag – download here

IMG_2845 copy“Grateful For You” Gift Tag – download here

Happy-Thanksgiving-GT“Happy Thanksgiving” Gift Tag – download here

Grateful-Gift-Tag“Grateful Gift Tag” – download here


“So Thankful For Someone Like You” – download here

“So Thankful For a Friend Like You” – download here

“So Thankful For a Teacher Like You” – download here

Thanksgiving Bread Gift Tag Printables

bread-gift-tags-displayWhenever I think about homemade gift giving during this time of year, I think about homemade breads! Yum! Pumpkin bread with chocolate chips, my husband’s all time favorite – banana bread (no matter the season), and plain old homemade bread (amazing)! I’ve created these cute Thanksgiving bread gift tags to go along with those homemade deliciousness. Each design has two versions, one for a mini loaf of bread, and one for a normal sized loaf. Enjoy!

IMG_2813 copy IMG_2802

“So Thankful for a Friend Like You” Bread Gift Tag Regular – download here

“So Thankful for a Teacher Like You” Bread Gift Tag Regular – download here

“So Thankful for Someone Like You” Bread Gift Tag Regular – download here

“So Thankful for a Friend Like You” Bread Gift Tag Mini Loaf – download here

“So Thankful for a Teacher Like You” Bread Gift Tag Mini Loaf – download here

“So Thankful for Someone Like You” Bread Gift Tag Mini Loaf download here

IMG_2820 IMG_2790 copy

“Grateful” Bread Gift Tag Regular – download here

“Grateful” Bread Gift Tag Mini Loaf – download here

IMG_2775 Free-Printable-Candy-Bar-Wrapper

“Happy Thanksgiving” Bread Gift Tag Regular – download here

“Happy Thanksgiving” Bread Gift Tag Mini Loaf – download here

“Give Thanks” Banner

IMG_2762 copy

I’m excited to share this printable with you. I’ve created a banner that you can use for small decorations, such as decorating a wreath like I did in the picture above, or use it on a small project such as scrap-booking. I’ve also included a “regular” banner-sized version so that you can hang it in your home over the mantel, window, etc. This banner gives you the opportunity to be creative and get you into the holiday spirit!

Mini “Give Thanks” Banner – download here

Regular “Give Thanks” Banner – download here