Editable Job Chart


If you have a child that’s always wanting to buy something new, or wanting to make some money, this Printable Job Chart is one of the best ways to help your child keep track of the jobs they need to do in order to earn some money.

This past Christmas, my son had the opportunity to buy gifts for members of our family at school. My husband and I both agreed that if he wanted to buy gifts for everyone, he needed to learn the value of earning money and what it was like to spend his own money. He was totally for it, and we all agreed on what jobs he could do around the house and how much each would be worth. In order for him to keep track of what job he was doing and how much he was earning, I came up with this Job chart.

He loved it! Whenever he completed a chore, he marked it off in the box and would look at his chart to see what he could do next. During the week he would add up the boxes and see how much he had made so far and if he needed to make more money by doing more chores. At the end of the week he counted all his boxes and how much he made, and put it in the box under the date. It was great for me because I didn’t have to make sure I had money on the spot after he completed a chore, or make sure I always had quarters or dollar bills. Once the end of the week was completed, I’d go out and get him the money he earned.

What’s great about this printable, is you can actually edit the chores each week on the file before you print it off. In order to keep the same look as the chart above, download the font Moon Flower Bold. You can also use this Job Chart as a way for your kids to earn screen/game time. This is a great way to help your kids get started and learn the value of earning money.


Download Editable Job Chart

Download Font: Moon Flower Bold