DIY Valentine’s Day Foil Print

DIY Valentine's Day Foil Print

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I was pulling out some of my Valentine’s Day decorations this past week and realized I how little I had. I’ll be honest, I have never been too worried about going all out for Valentine’s day, but this time I felt like there were parts of my house that could use a little more “love”.  I wanted to be a little bit more crafty with this one, and took out my Minc and started to come up with some different ideas. This print was one that stuck and it has been a fun addition in my house!

If you’re looking to add another decoration in your home, here’s what you’ll need:


Valentine's Foil Project Wall Art

Start by turning on your Minc (I usually set mine at a 3). Print out page one of the XOXO Printable and cut out a piece of the hot pink foil so it fits over the letters.

Valentine's Foil Project 00

Place your foil on top of the X’s and stick it inside the foil transfer folders. Once it’s in place, run it through the Minc.

Valentine's Foil Project Part 01

Peel off the foil after it’s gone through and and put it back into your printer making sure it’s facing the right way so that it will print out page 2 of the XOXO printable.

Valentine's Foil project 1 copy

If you’ve printed it correctly, you’re page should look like this. If you didn’t, that’s ok. It took me a couple tries to get this right…

Valentine's Foil Project Wall Art7

Do another rough cut of your light pink foil this time and set it on top. If you’re adding the gold foil to the “hugs & kisses” this would be the best time to do it. I’ve found that putting it through the Minc as little as possible helps keep from distorting the foil that was there previously.

Valentine's Foil Wall Art

Once that’s through, peel off the remainder of your foil and stick your new piece of decor in a frame and admire it.

Valentine's Day Foil Print

If you don’t have a Minc, not to worry! I’ve also made the same printable in color HERE. If you’re looking to buy a Minc, they’re available at Joann’s, Michaels, Amazon, and many other stores.


Gold Foil Printable


Gold Foil is such a popular thing these days, I figured it was time to join the club. I don’t have a fancy silhouette, so I thought it would be fun to make a gold foil-looking printable. This print is a great reminder that you are beautiful for just being you, and to never change who you are.

The frame I used on the left was done by my talented friend Dominique, who is amazing at turning old things into beautiful home decor. She has a cute little shop on Etsy, and sells lots of upcycled and Shabby Chic frames and other decor at Birdie Go Go. You have to check her out!

I’ve made 2 different types of Gold Foil Prints to choose from, one with a normal Gold Foil look and the other with a Glitter Gold. If you aren’t feeling the gold but like the print, I’ve made a print with a black font.

Gold Foil

5×7 with dots | 5×7 without dots | 8×10 with dots | 8×10 without dots

Glitter Gold Foil

5×7 with dots | 5×7 without dots | 8×10 with dots | 8×10 without dots

Black Font

 5×7 without dots | 8×10 without dots


You also have to check out this Beautiful Gold Hanger by my friend over at Rae of Sparkles!