Star Wars Lightsaber Valentines


Our family loves Star Wars, and my younger son is in major Star Wars mode right now. Whenever we go to the library, he’s always on the hunt for a Star Wars book even if we’ve checked it out before. For his Valentines, he wanted to pass out pencils as lightsabers, but I was thinking of how I could attach the “happy valentine’s day” part to it. Alas, I figured it out and love how these Star Wars Valentines came out! Super easy to put together too!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Star Wars Valentine Lightsaber

First, tape on the Lightsaber Pencil Wraps onto the eraser part of your pencil. I put a little tape on part of the pencil and the wrap in order to keep it from sliding off, and then wrapped the rest of the paper around and finished it off with another piece of tape.

Star Wars Valentines

Next, you’ll want to use an Exacto knife and make a little slit above the lightsaber, like pictured above. It is going to be bigger than the lightsaber in order for your pencil to fit through.

Lightsaber Valentines Printables

Put your pencil through the slit, leaving a little bit of the pencil behind the printable. Apply tape to keep it in place.

Star Wars Lightsaber Valentine Printable

And that’s it! You’re kids are going to have lots of fun with these, and they’ll love pretending they have a mini lightsaber! My son loves using his pencil lightsaber to do his homework, and I’m guessing your little ones will too.