Plane Valentine Printable

Plane Valentines Printable

If you have a plane enthusiast at home, these Plane Valentines are perfect for your little ones to pass out for valentines day. Staple these printables on top of a bag of a candy or a little plane toy and you’ve got an easy valentine ready to go!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Valentines Day Plane Printables

Cut out your printables and fold them in half.

Plane Valentines

With your treat bags, depending on how much candy you decide to put in the bag or how big your toy is, you will need to cut down the height of the bag.

Plane Valentines Printable

Staple the printable on top of the treat bag and your Valentine is complete! You’ve got an easy and cute Valentine ready to pass out.

Star Wars Lightsaber Valentines


Our family loves Star Wars, and my younger son is in major Star Wars mode right now. Whenever we go to the library, he’s always on the hunt for a Star Wars book even if we’ve checked it out before. For his Valentines, he wanted to pass out pencils as lightsabers, but I was thinking of how I could attach the “happy valentine’s day” part to it. Alas, I figured it out and love how these Star Wars Valentines came out! Super easy to put together too!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Star Wars Valentine Lightsaber

First, tape on the Lightsaber Pencil Wraps onto the eraser part of your pencil. I put a little tape on part of the pencil and the wrap in order to keep it from sliding off, and then wrapped the rest of the paper around and finished it off with another piece of tape.

Star Wars Valentines

Next, you’ll want to use an Exacto knife and make a little slit above the lightsaber, like pictured above. It is going to be bigger than the lightsaber in order for your pencil to fit through.

Lightsaber Valentines Printables

Put your pencil through the slit, leaving a little bit of the pencil behind the printable. Apply tape to keep it in place.

Star Wars Lightsaber Valentine Printable

And that’s it! You’re kids are going to have lots of fun with these, and they’ll love pretending they have a mini lightsaber! My son loves using his pencil lightsaber to do his homework, and I’m guessing your little ones will too.



Emoji Valentines Bookmark

Valentines Emoji Magnetic Bookmarks

Ever since my son learned to read, he has been reading books non-stop. He loves it and will even take it to his bed at night before he falls asleep. I realize he is probably bringing it up with him because he’s trying to avoid going to sleep, but I am totally fine with it as long as he is quiet!

Since his sibling are younger than him and are constantly wanting to “read” the same book as his older brother, his bookmarks keep falling out and I always feel bad that they keep loosing his place. With Valentines Day coming up, and the constant battle with losing his bookmarks, I thought it would be perfect to make these magnetic bookmarks to pass out to his friends. These are the easiest Valentines to make, and might I add a very practical Valentine!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Valentines Emoji Book Mark Printable

First, print out and cut out your bookmarks. If you are going to laminate them, this would be the perfect time to do it, just make sure your child signs their name first!

Printable Emoji Valentine

Next, cut out two equal pieces of magnetic tape. Take one of the pieces and peel off the back and stick it onto the inside of your book mark, like pictured above.

Emoji Valentines Printable

Place the remaining magnetic tape on top of the magnet you just placed on the bookmark. This will help make sure they they line up when the bookmark closes.


Remove the backside of the magnet exposing the sticky side, and fold the bookmark in half, making sure the magnet sticks to the bookmark.

Emoji Bookmark Printable

They should look like the picture above when you’re finished. And that’s it! So easy, your kids could even help you with this project!

Bookmark Valentine

I remember using these for my bookmarks, and I loved that they never fell out of my book! I’m excited to share this project with my son and hopefully your little ones will love it as well!

Emoji Valentines Bookmarks

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I also have a normal Emoji Bookmark that your kids could also use to pass out for their Valentines instead! Download the Printable HERE.

Pirate Valentine’s Day Printables

PIRATE VALENTINESMy boys love the Chips Ahoy cookies, and ask for them almost every time they see them at the store. Normally the answer is a no, but every once in a while I need a little something sweet, so I cave in. Since they love it so much, I thought it would be fun for my kindergartner to pass them out to his class for Valentine’s day and made these fun little pirate Valentines to go along with the cookies.

If you have a little pirate lover at home or have little ones that love these cookies as much as my kiddos, these will be fun for them to pass out to their friends. Grab your Pirate Valentine’s Day Printable and wrap it around a snack bag size of the cookies with bakers twine or string and you’re all set! I’ve also made a smaller version of the printable HERE.



DIY Valentine’s Day Foil Print

DIY Valentine's Day Foil Print

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I was pulling out some of my Valentine’s Day decorations this past week and realized I how little I had. I’ll be honest, I have never been too worried about going all out for Valentine’s day, but this time I felt like there were parts of my house that could use a little more “love”.  I wanted to be a little bit more crafty with this one, and took out my Minc and started to come up with some different ideas. This print was one that stuck and it has been a fun addition in my house!

If you’re looking to add another decoration in your home, here’s what you’ll need:


Valentine's Foil Project Wall Art

Start by turning on your Minc (I usually set mine at a 3). Print out page one of the XOXO Printable and cut out a piece of the hot pink foil so it fits over the letters.

Valentine's Foil Project 00

Place your foil on top of the X’s and stick it inside the foil transfer folders. Once it’s in place, run it through the Minc.

Valentine's Foil Project Part 01

Peel off the foil after it’s gone through and and put it back into your printer making sure it’s facing the right way so that it will print out page 2 of the XOXO printable.

Valentine's Foil project 1 copy

If you’ve printed it correctly, you’re page should look like this. If you didn’t, that’s ok. It took me a couple tries to get this right…

Valentine's Foil Project Wall Art7

Do another rough cut of your light pink foil this time and set it on top. If you’re adding the gold foil to the “hugs & kisses” this would be the best time to do it. I’ve found that putting it through the Minc as little as possible helps keep from distorting the foil that was there previously.

Valentine's Foil Wall Art

Once that’s through, peel off the remainder of your foil and stick your new piece of decor in a frame and admire it.

Valentine's Day Foil Print

If you don’t have a Minc, not to worry! I’ve also made the same printable in color HERE. If you’re looking to buy a Minc, they’re available at Joann’s, Michaels, Amazon, and many other stores.


Hot Chocolate Valentines Printable

hot chocolate valentines day card

It has been a cold winter for us in Washington. Last week, it was so cold they pushed back school 2 hours due to ice on the road, and my kindergartner already starts school at 9:15. It was a crazy week, and all this cold has made me want lots hot chocolate. We love hot chocolate in our house and my kids get pretty excited to drink it whenever we have a chili morning. With Valentine’s Day coming up and knowing it will still be pretty cold, I thought it would be fun to put the two together! And as many of my printables, it’s easy to assemble.


Here’s what you’ll need:
-Hot Chocolate packets (I used the swiss miss 7.3 oz packets)

-Washi tape

Hot Chocolate Valentines Printable

hot chocolate valentine

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 9.10.31 PM1. When printing out the printable, make sure you DO NOT hit “Fit to Page” “Fit to Scale” in your printer settings when you print. This will throw off how you cut your printable and the print on the front will not be centered. Make sure you select “Actual Size”.

hot chocolate valentines

2. Cut down the middle of the page and fold it in half – for those of you who still remember the elementary term “hamburger style”.

hot chocolate valentine printable

3. After you’ve folded your print in half, unfold it and tape your hot chocolate at the top (and bottom if you prefer, mine stayed intact with just one) of the inside.

valentines day hot chocolate

4. Fold it back up and tape it shut at the top with washi tape, and totally optional – place some washi tape at the bottom to give it a little extra something. And that’s it!

If you prefer to save some paper, I’ve also included a page of tags to print off and you can wrap a tag around a packet of hot chocolate with bakers twin or use the washi tape to put on the front of your packet.

Hot Chocolate Valentines Printable Tags Download

Have fun with this and stay warm!

Super Hero Valentine’s Day Printables


JD has been so into Star Wars lately, I thought for sure he was going to want Star Wars themed Valentine’s cards. Glad I didn’t start making any, because when I asked him what he wanted to give his friends for Valentine’s Day, he said he wanted to give away super hero cards! I saw so many cute Super Hero ideas, and I loved the one with the sucker dressed as a super hero, I just knew I wasn’t going to have a lot of time to put that one together. I was rattling my brain for a candy that would fit with a Super Hero card, and the one that kept coming back to my mind were Pop Rocks! I loved those as a kid, and thought it would be they’d be a perfect pair!

The best part about Pop Rocks is that they’re super cheap at the Dollar Store – $1 for a 3 pack! Perfect!! It is seriously the easiest thing to put together. All you need is…


Super Hero Valentine’s Day Printable – grab here.

Pop Rocks




Print out your super Hero Valentine’s Day printables, and staple one on top of each Pop Rock packet and you are done! Simple as that, and they are quick to make. I cannot wait for him to pass these out to his friends!


Valentine’s Day Printables

Valentine's Day Printables

With just over a week away from Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d put together a roundup post with some of my Valentine’s Day printables… just in case you were still looking for decorations for your home, party or in need of some Valentine’s cards to pass out.


Valentine’s Day Banner & Cupcake Printable – grab it here

Mustache Valentines Day card

“Be My Valentine” Card for Boys – grab it here

Thanks a Bunch Valentine

“Thanks a Bunch” Valentine’s Printable – grab it here

Valentine's Day Printables

Valentine’s Day Printables – grab it here

valentines card heart

Printable Valentine’s Day Cards – grab it here


Valentine’s Day Donut Banner – grab it here

XOXO valentine's Day Candy and printable

Valentine Print & Candy Bag Tags – grab it here

valentine's donuts

Valentine Donut Printables – guest post over at Eighteen25

“Thanks a Bunch” Valentine’s Printable


How fun is this little Valentine’s gift? This is one of the easiest and quickest gifts to put together, and it still looks good enough to eat! 🙂 I saw these candy roses at Walmart the other day, and wanted to use them as a gift somehow. Originally, I thought this would be great gift to give to teachers (which is why you’ll also see “Thanks a bunch for being a great teacher” on the printable as well), but didn’t want to limited to just teachers, so I made sure to add a “friend” tag as well. This tags could also easily be attached to a bunch of real flowers, or if you can’t find candy roses like in the picture above, there are some great tutorials on Pinterest for Hershey’s kisses rose buds that would be pair perfectly with this tag.


Grab your “Thanks a Bunch” Valentine’s printable here.

Watercolor Valentine’s Day Print


I’ve recently been in love with some watercolor art lately, and thought I’d try my hand at it with this print. I’ve made them in two different sizes, 8×10 and 5×7. Its the perfect way to show some love this Valentine’s Day. Pick out a fun frame to stick this print in or spray paint an old frame into a gold one for some elegance.


Download your Watercolor Valentine’s Day Print – 5×7 | 8×10